About Us

About Us

Hello everyone one.  My name is Christy and I have been a professional wedding photographer for 5 years. I created this site to give future brides helpful information so their wedding images come out as amazing as possible.  Even though professional photographers have extensive training we only have control over so much.  We have no say over where you have your wedding, how the lighting will be set up, whether you let Uncle Tom blast you with flash as you’re walking down the isle… the list goes on.  All of these things are important to photographers and they are also out of our hands.

After having my fair share of brides tell me their regrets about letting Uncle Tom’s take photos, and the DJ put up a disco ball I decided to create a blog to educate brides everywhere.

There are so many different styles of pictures that you can choose from – different photographers too – it’s hard to know which style and photographer to pick!

By knowing which style of pictures you like, it will make everything else easier. From picking the venue, the photographer, the videographer, the style of dress, flowers and décor – everything! Because if you like a certain style of photos, you can then choose everything else based on that style.

For example, if you like formal pictures with everyone posed, you can pick out everything that is a more traditional or formal style for the wedding – including the photographer and decor!

Or if you like pictures that are more whimsical, you can pick out things for your wedding that will look more whimsy for your pictures!  But not a disco ball!

By figuring out and exploring the different options that are out there, this will help you to have the wedding pictures that you always dreamed of having. The ones that you will want to frame and have in your home for the rest of your life!

In this blog I will help you do just that! Figure out what is best just for you!

We will also talk about problems with wedding pictures – from venues, lighting, camera phones, the investment – all the other topics that have become relevant lately with everyone having their own cameras and venues having restrictions.

Happy reading!


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