Picking A Wedding Venue

Picking a Venue that is Best for You … and Your Wedding Pictures!

There is a lot to consider when picking a wedding venue – the location, your budget, the size of your wedding, the style – but one thing that is almost more important than everything else is the lighting!

Most people don’t consider lighting when looking at venues, but if you want your wedding pictures to turn out a certain way – or look perfect – than you have to consider the lighting!

Lighting can make or break your wedding photos – especially if you want them to look nice. So, although it’s one more thing to add to your list of things to consider, please do! Your photographer, and YOU, will thank me later when your pictures turn out beautiful!

Beautiful Wedding Venue

Venues & Photography

With photography, lighting is extremely important. Wedding photographers can bring flashes, flash boxes, and reflectors to take the posed and traditional pictures; but if you want to get great candid shots – where the bride is tossing the bouquet or pictures of the first dance – the lighting in the venue is going to be important. The photographer, in most cases, won’t be able to control your venue’s lighting.  If you decide to have your wedding on the beach, nice park, or anywhere outside make sure you have a back-up location.  Outside weddings can produce very beautiful images, especially on the beach.  Take for instance the portfolio of Gary, Wedding Photographer Virginia Beach.  He almost exclusively shoots outside weddings.

Here are some basic tips to think about when picking a venue for your wedding and reception:

  • Don’t pick a place that has a disco ball or multi colored lights at the reception, unless you don’t care if flecks of light or multi colored lights in all your reception pictures! They can ruin the pictures of those special moments like your first dance!
  • Make sure the venue has proper lighting where your reception is being held. Don’t pick a place that has all fluorescent / bright lights! It will make everyone’s skin tone look awful in your photos!
  • Try to pick a place that isn’t just a regular ball room where all the walls are the same. Those plain walls will be in ALL of your pictures, which will make the ALL of the pictures look similar. Find a place that is decorated instead or has some architectural detail, like windows, molding, arches, etc. The little things will help set your pictures off!
  • For the wedding venue, make sure the photographer has space around the guests so they can actually get pictures of the ceremony. It has become popular to do a circular isle where the bride walks down to the altar, but consider it before doing it! It will be hard for the photographer to get the shots you want if they can’t get close to altar!
  • Some venues only allow you to use certain photographers at their locations and in their buildings. Make sure that you can use the photographer you want, unless you like theirs!
  • Other venues require you to use licensed, bonded, and insured photographers. Make sure your photographer meets their requirements well before hand!

To sum it up – make sure to consider the lighting and your photographer before picking a venue. If you want your pictures to be “picture perfect” there are a lot of things to consider.

PS – You can always ask your photographer or wedding planner if they can recommend a venue too!




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