Which Dress is Right for You?

How to pick a wedding dress that is perfect for you AND looks great in your wedding photos!

Picking a wedding dress can be daunting – with thousands of options and styles. By figuring out what style of dress looks great on your body, it will help simplify your wedding dress search!

Finding the style of dress that accentuate your lovely assets, while concealing the less favorable parts of your body, will not only make you feel great in the dress but will make sure your wedding pictures don’t focus on the parts of your body that you don’t love. This will make your wedding pictures great because you won’t be looking at every photo wishing you wore something else!

There are five basic body types that most women fit into. We will briefly describe each one and list the best dress styles for each body type!

drawing of different women in wedding dresses

Because petite women, well are petite and small, it is generally recommended not to wear anything that is overwhelming to their frame or body, like large puffy ball gowns. Structured dresses, like the trumpet style dresses, or airy sheath dresses, emphasize the best parts of these small bodied women. Also empire waistline dresses are great for petite women for it creates the illusion of longer legs.

Plus Size
Empire style dresses also work for plus size women too! They create a lengthening effect on all women and accentuate the bust line. Lace is all the rage right now in wedding dresses, and can be great for plus size women. Lace wraps can go over your favorite dress and provide a beautiful cover for arms and shoulders. High necklines, forming silhouettes, and slight trains are a great combination for this body type to help you look long and lean. Strategic draping around the waistline can also define curves. It just depends on what you are comfortable with and what you like!

Scooped necklines are great for well-endowed women. It emphasizes your décolletage without showing too much cleavage. Also a sweetheart neckline shows off your beautiful figure, unlike the straight neckline which will make the bust look like a shelf. Square necklines are also great for busty women, for it provides structure without being too revealing. Avoid silky or draped material around the bust line, for it could lead to wardrobe malfunction!

Hourglass figures can either flaunt their womanly curves with form fitting gowns, or cover them up with large ball gowns! The choice is yours of what you want to flaunt or cover up. Fit-and-flare dresses can accentuate your hourglass curves and are a go-to dress for many hourglass women. Other styles that can accentuate your curves are dropped waist lines, belted, or tucked waistlines. If you want to cover up your hips a bit, ball gowns are the way to go! Your bust will weigh out the fullness of the flare of the dress.

This body types has lots of options, but if you are looking to create some curves – you have some options! Voluminous skirts and ball gowns can make you look like you have more of an hour glass or curvy figure. Contouring seams can also create the illusion of curves, like Bodycon styles, but with lace and satin ribbing. If you don’t want to draw too much attention to your lean figure, avoid the basic sheath dresses that do not have any form – because your natural body curves are the only curves it will have!

Any way you go, just make sure you love the dress and you love the way it makes YOU look! You will be looking at these wedding pictures for years to come and you want to make sure you like the way you look! Happy shopping!